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Susan Kaplan
Susan KaplanOwner & Pet Whisperer

My name is Susan Kaplan and I am the owner of BeLoved Pet Sitting. I majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship in 2013 from SDSU. I opened shop at the ripe age of 18, right after I graduated high school because I saw a need in our city. I absolutely adore the work I do and I can’t think of a better way to spend my workday than with the affection of pets.

I run my company with employees because I’m an overly cautious person. With employees, I am allowed to train my sitters unlike the other companies in San Diego who hire temporary independent contractors (AKA anyone off the street who wants to work like Uber for dog walking) whom they are not legally allowed to train. For your peace of mind my employee sitters are covered by workers compensation, bonded, insured and background checked. Sitters are diligently trained by me for at least 2 weeks, shadowing all my jobs, before I let them go pet sit alone for the first time. They also work through a 12 course online class about pet sitting which covers first aid amongst other important aspects of care. Lastly, they agree to the terms of our extensive handbook which covers all of the protocols they are expected to follow with regards to customer service, pet care and home care. It is true, we may cost a couple of dollars more than hiring the kid next door, but peace of mind is priceless and that’s what we are offering you.

A little bit about my prior work: I have been pet sitting for friends and clients for over 10 years. I have worked at the Doggie Days in Paradise dog daycare in Eastlake and with another pet sitting agency prior to opening my own.

I’ve also learned a lot about animals over the years, I’ve got a tried and proven solution to just about any training, behavior or small illness problem. Ask me anything!

TiffanyDog Walker

Hi everyone,

I have had pets all my life and always considered them to be family, therefore their overall well being is my first priority. I enjoy their company so much that most of my friends have 4 legs! I’ve worked with BeLoved Pet Sitting for 2 years now and quite enjoy the work I do with both cats and dogs.

MarissaPet Sitter/ Dog Walker

My name is Marissa and I have 2 dogs of my own. I’ve been working with BeLoved Pet Sitting since 2016. Humans like to be needed. I’d even go so far as to say that we NEED to be needed. Our animals need us. They rely on us for food, and shelter and luxuries like toys and treats. (And love, of course!) And because they can’t ask for what they need, this kind of dependence feels even weightier — not only do they need us, but we’re expected to KNOW what they need without them asking or telling us. They’re like babies, but … furever! This is a real responsibility, one that obviously shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I enjoy being responsible for keeping your creatures healthy and happy. They pay me back a zillionfold, with cuddles and purrs.