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New Client Registration


  • Please call (619) 781-7676 and confirm with the office that we offer the services you need. Then continue below by signing the contract and then registering your email with our Pet Portal Software.
  • Please have 2 spare keys ready for consultation. One stays with the office and one goes with your sitter.
  • Fill all your contact, emergency contact, home and pet information out in the portal for your sitter. Then add your payment details, request your Meet & Greet Consultation and finally reserve the dates you need for your vacation or dog walks. Be very specific with your portal details, you may not have the same pet sitter every vacation so it is important that the information you leave is so concise that anyone can read it and follow the directions, this is especially important for the feeding and medication directions. The portal is where your sitter will be looking for details on routine care for your pet(s) so please update it before each vacation you take. Please also note that one of the Emergency Contacts you leave us should be someone local just incase something happens to your home, HOA/Leasing Office numbers are acceptable. The second Emergency Contact should be someone on the trip with you or the number to the foreign hotel you are staying at.
  • The pet portal is where you will go to request services when you need them. You can submit requests for services 24/7. Once we have processed your request, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Step 1: Sign Your Contract

Please click the button below titled “Sign Contract” and follow the directions. You MUST click the confirmation email link directly after signing the document or it will not submit. 

Sign Contract

Step 2: Register With The Pet Portal

Please click the button below titled “Click Here To Make A Portal Account” and enter your e-mail address. Then check your email for the login link and begin to set up your portal by clicking the button titled “Login” in the upper right-hand side of the screen or down below.

Click Here To Make A Portal Account

Click Here To Log In To Portal Account

Step 1: Click “Your Data” and fill in all the details about your contact information and your pet. Please make each individual pet their own page in the portal with feeding, walk and medication instructions as applicable. Please be extremely specific with your details especially when writing about medications and food. It may have been months since the sitter last saw your pet and they do not want to rely on memory.

Step 2: Next click “Settings” in the menu bar and look for “Managed Cards” where it says “Your saved cards and bank accounts can be managed here.” Click the button that says “View/Edit Cards and Bank Accounts.” Please leave your card or hook up your bank account for ACH payments securely on file with us. ACH payments, sometimes known as “e-checks” are electronic payments that are created when the customer gives an originating company authorization to debit directly from the customer’s checking or saving account for the purpose of bill payment. We prefer you add your bank account for ACH payments because the fees are cheaper on our end for processing your invoices. We try to keep our visits affordable and not raise our prices, ACH payments help us accomplish that. However, we understand if the technology is too new and you aren’t comfortable with it, so we also take card. Either way your information is fully encrypted with state of the art technology and your financial institution protects you with either method. We take payment for your full vacation or dog walk week on the first service day. We use Stripe which is our payment processing company similar to PayPal. BeLoved Pet Sitting can not see your card/bank details as they are encrypted by Stripe. Stripe works in sync with our software and will let us automatically take recurring payments after service is rendered, on the first day of service, without you needing to do or remember to pay anything. We love streamlining things for you, relax we’ve got your tail covered!

Step 3: Requesting services is easy. From any page in the portal click the green button in the upper right-hand corner that says “Request Services.”

Remember to click in the calendar with the correct month. The current month is usually the left box.

  1. The first service to request is the date we agreed on a consultation or Meet and Greet with you and your pets. Click that date and watch it get highlighted and fall below the “Dates Selected” header. Then choose #1 on the “Service Item” drop down menu list. It should say “Step 1: Free Meet & Greet Consultation.” Then choose the time we agreed on. Now click the blue button that says Add To Request.” You will then see that Meet & Greet get listed in a column at the top of the screen. Now click the red X to delete that date under the “Dates Selected” header. You are not done yet, now you will request the reservation for the vacation visits or dog walks you need.
  2. Step two, click all the days you need a certain service at a specific time on. For example, if you want visits at 7am June. 1-5 click each day in the calendar feature and watch the day get highlighted and fall below the “Dates Selected” header. Then choose a service item from the drop down menu. Choose the time of day (7am is our example) for those specific services. Write any notes to the sitter about that specific visit time if you wish, in the box given and then click the blue button that says Add To Request.” You will then see those services get listed in a column at the top of the screen. You are not done yet, if you need multiple services on the same day, you simply reselect the service item and a different time and click the Add To Requestbutton again. You can also delete days that you will not be needing service on like if you come back on June 5th at night so you do not need a 7pm visit that day, so click the red X to delete that date under the “Dates Selected” header before clicking the Add To Requestbutton again. Check the entire list of services you are about to request at the top of the screen for any errors.
  3. Add all your services in that manner and then when you are finished click the green “Submit Now” button at the very top of the page. That will shoot us an email with your requests and once we receive it, we will confirm your service dates and send you a confirmation email.