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New Client Registration


  • Please call (619) 781-7676 and confirm with the office that we offer the services you need. Then continue below by signing the contract and then registering your email with our Pet Portal Software.
  • Please have 2 spare keys and a lock box ready for us to check on during the Meet and Greet visit.
  • Fill all your contact, emergency contact, home and pet information out in the portal for your sitter. Then add your payment details, request your Meet & Greet Consultation and finally reserve the dates you need for your vacation or dog walks. Be very specific with your portal details, you may not have the same pet sitter every vacation so it is important that the information you leave is so concise that anyone can read it and follow the directions, this is especially important for the feeding and medication directions. The portal is where your sitter will be looking for details on routine care for your pet(s) so please update it before each vacation you take.
  • The pet portal is where you will go to request services when you need them. You can submit requests for services 24/7. Once we have processed your request, you will receive a confirmation email from us.
  • Download our app Time To Pet in the Android and Apple store. You can use it to communicate with us and schedule services.

Step 1: Sign Your Contract

Please click the button below titled “Sign Contract” and follow the directions. You MUST click the confirmation email link directly after signing the document or it will not submit. 

Sign Contract

Step 2: Register With The Pet Portal

Please click the button below titled “Click Here To Make A Portal Account” and enter your e-mail address. Then check your email for the login link and begin to set up your portal by clicking the button titled “Login” in the upper right-hand side of the screen or down below.

Click Here To Make A Portal Account

Click Here To Log In To Portal Account

Step 1: Click “My Info” in the menu bar of the portal and fill in all the details about your contact information, emergency contacts, address and home routine.

Step 2: Click “Pet” in the menu bar make each individual pet their own page in the portal with feeding, walk and medication instructions as applicable. Please be extremely specific with your details especially when writing about medications and food. It may have been months since the sitter last saw your pet and they do not want to rely on memory.

Step 3: Click “Invoices” in the menu bar then click the blue button that says “Payment Methods” to add your credit/debit card information. BeLoved Pet Sitting can not see your card/bank details as they are encrypted by our credit card processor WePay. WePay works in sync with our software and will let us automatically take recurring payments on the first day of service, without you needing to do anything. We love streamlining things for you, relax we’ve got your tail covered!

Step 4:  Click “Schedule” in the menu bar. Then click the blue button on that page in the upper right hand corner that says “Request New Service.”  On the next screen choose between scheduling one visit at a time or multiple visits at a time. We recommend the multiple visit schedule button. Choose the date you would like to submit for your Meet and Greet Consultation and then click to the right that says “Primary Service Requested”and choose “Free Meet and Greet Consultation” from the drop down menu. Next select all your pets with the checkbox feature. Then specify the exact time we discussed for the Meet and Greet in the “Comment” box because you will notice the selection box is just for time frames and not for specific times. You must also choose the correct time frame for the system to allow you to submit your request. Now click the blue button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen that says “Submit Request.” When we confirm your Meet and Greet reservations, you will receive an email. 

Step 5: Follow the same directions as step 4 to request your dog walks or pet sitting visits. We ask that you give us a two hour time frame for all visits.

Step 3: Download Our App Time To Pet 

If you love technology like us, download our app Time To Pet so you can make easy reservations, chat with your pet sitters and see daily updates about your pets. The app login information including username and password are the same as the pet portal username and password you just made above in Step 2. Don’t worry, if apps aren’t your thing, downloading the app is optional. You can still do all of the same things from your desktop computer by logging into the pet portal you just made in Step 2. You will receive daily email updates about your pets whether or not you download the app.

Step 4: Buy Your Lockbox & Make Two Sets Of Spare Keys

We have your pet sitters use keys left inside your lockbox to better facilitate our visits, make sure we never get locked out and so that sitters do not have to share keys. Click the button below to see/buy our favorite style lockbox. See the link below to check out our favorite lockbox. Please have your keys and lockbox ready for us to inspect at the Meet & Greet Consultation. If you don’t have time to buy and ship the lockbox below, you can find other acceptable lockboxes at Home Depot.

Buy Our Favorite Lockbox On Amazon
Buy ShurLok SL-180 Lockbox Over the Door Bracket on Amazon
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