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1501, 2017

Why Hire A Profesional Pet Sitter?

Benefits Of Hiring An In Home Pet Sitter Maybe you found us because you have heard horror stories of pets being left in the care of well-meaning, but inexperienced friends, neighbors and neighborhood kids? Before you leave your fur babies in the hands of someone else, are you confident your friend knows how to look for signs of illness and injury in your pet?  Is your friend trained in Pet First Aid and CPR?  Would your friend carry insurance if something were to happen in your home or to your pet? These are just some of the reasons hiring a pet professional will give you the peace of mind you deserve. What are Professional Pet sitters? A professional pet sitter is licensed, bonded and insured and does not just take care of pets as a side hobby.  A professional pet sitter is extensively trained by job shadowing [...]

902, 2018

Why You Should Not Board A Dog In A Kennel

Why You Should Not Board A Dog 1. It’s not called board-etella for nothing. Kennel cough, typically caused by the virus Bordetella, runs rampant in dog kennels and boarding facilities. Highly contagious, symptoms include fever, lethargy and a honking cough reminiscent of a goose. The condition is an expensive upper respiratory infection that requires veterinary treatment. Pets with symptoms should be isolated from other animals. If diagnosed with kennel cough, your vet will prescribe antibiotics. Your pet's coughing could last up to 6 weeks and it potentially fatal for older/sicker pets. It's not worth it. The close quarters of dog boarding allows quick airborne transmission of kennel cough. Pets may also come into contact with surfaces, equipment or toys that infected dogs have touched. By getting a pet sitter, your dog avoids contact with sick animals and can say happy and healthy in your own home. [...]

1705, 2017

Getting a New Pet? Top Questions to Ask Yourself.

With proper care, the average lifespan for most dogs can be up to 15 years. Meanwhile, the average lifespan for most domesticated rabbits is between 8 and 12 years. It’s no wonder that many people refer to pets as their “lifelong companions.” Pets are indeed our loyal friends for life. Of course, this means that pet ownership is a huge responsibility that takes a lot of time and dedication. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new pet, here are some questions to ask yourself... “Do I have enough time?” The ASPCA recommends asking yourself these questions when considering whether you’ll be able to care for a new pet. Remember, dogs in particular are more high maintenance than some other pets, including rabbits. Another consideration when it comes to time is life span. You’ll need to dedicate yourself to taking care of this pet each and every day - possibly [...]

1301, 2017

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Dog Walker

1. Health – As with their human counterparts, pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are obese. Many pets will acquire specific health problems in their lifetime that could easily be prevented or diminished with proper exercise. One of the best ways to keep your pet fit is to provide 2 or more 30+ minute walks per day. 2. Socialization and Stimulation – Walking not only gets your dog the exercise they need, but it also stimulates their senses. Dogs get to see, smell, feel, and hear all types of mentally stimulating things when out for a walk. This stimulation often includes meeting other people or new dogs (if your dog is friendly), which can be a way to encourage proper socialization. As humans [...]