I Want My Dog At My Wedding

San Diego Pet Friendly Wedding

Want Your Dog At Your Wedding Venue?

Are you looking to have a pet friendly wedding in San Diego? Do you want your dog or cat in your wedding? We can help!

Many couples are joining the trend of incorporating their pet into their wedding. Thoughts of having Fido with you on the happiest day of your life are indeed enticing. But are you prepared?

You don’t want muddy paw prints of your once-spotless dress, or your cake half-eaten while no one looks, but it happens! We guarantee that if the right preparations aren’t made, you will be in for more of a headache than their presence is worth.

As you make preparations, don’t forget your pets! Before Fido struts his stuff, make sure he is properly prepared for the event. Although you may take pride in your pet, there’s nothing like a loud crowd to chase Mr. Charming away.

Heres just a small list of things we can do for you:

  • Keep your dog occupied during the photography session
  • Walk your pet down the aisle during the ceremony or wait for the ring bearer to bring them to us
  • Drive your pet to and from the ceremony
  • Brush & dress your fur baby for photos
  • Ensure your dog is exercised, fed, and relieved before wedding services begin
  • Provide pet sitting while you’re on your honeymoon

Luckily, there’s still time to prepare your furbaby for the BIG DAY! With a little help from a professional pet sitter, he can be the loveable, well-behaved, four-legged guest of honor you dream of. If you are having your pet friendly wedding at a San Diego venue, we can help!

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Tell Us How We Can Help

Our wedding services are completely customizable to your needs.

We can make the pick-up and drop-off before and after the ceremony, and our well-dressed staff can stand right behind the camera during your shots with your furbaby, ready to take over as needed.

We’ll also make sure paws stay clean around your dress, and guarantee your cake won’t get eaten while you’re not looking.

And if you leave for your honeymoon directly after the ceremony, we can pet sit for the duration of your trip.

Call us to talk about your wedding day dream!

The Pet Parent’s Check List of To Dos Before They Say “I Do”

• DO have realistic expectations of your pet. Even the most well-mannered pup may let out a bark or jump on a guest.
• DO hire a professional pet sitter — keeping tabs on Fido and Fluffy should not be your job!
• DO prepare a bag of must-haves for your pet to be used by the pet sitter. Include treats & toys and maybe even a familiar bed. Your pet sitter will be sure your furbaby and their bag make it safely to the ceremony and back home.
• DO ask your venue if they will allow your pet to come.
• DO inform your guests that your pet is coming and put this information on your wedding website as a warning to anyone with allergies so that they can plan accordingly.
• DO prepare your photographer so they can capture your pets cold nose in action.
• DO make sure whatever new collar your pet wears during the wedding is fitted correctly. The last thing you want is a runaway amidst a crowd, in a new location.