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Pet Taxi

San Diego Dog Shuttle

Ever have a scheduled appointment, but life happens? Maybe you need to get your pet there, but you just can’t do it yourself? Our pet taxi service is a great solution!

We pick up pets or supplies according to your directions. We show up at the correct address, on time, and deliver your pet as needed We then drop them off and make sure they’re safe and sound. As a result, your pet gets the care or service they need, and you don’t have to stress or leave work early.

We will also pick up pet supplies for you. We can pick up prescriptions, or pet food, or toys, as your direction. And because we take care of this, you don’t have to! Another great bonus!

We GPS track our trip and send photos directly to your email. FREE fresh air included with every ride!

pet taxi

How Can We Help?

Does your furbaby need a ride to or from the groomer, vet or to grandma’s house?

Can’t get to the vet before closing to pick up medication or prescription food?

We can help with that!

30 Minutes

$30+per ride
  • Please call us for a quote.