Policies & FAQs

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Policies & FAQs

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In home pet sitting, is a sitter coming to your home to render service to your pets. Whether it be feedings, walks, medicine administration or yard/litter pickup we have you covered! The visits are customized to meet the needs and routines of your pet(s). The sitter generally comes 1 to 4 times per day. Your sitter can take care of your home as well, they will bring in the mail/newspaper, pick up packages and flyers, adjust your TV or radio, alternate lights and blinds and water plants. This gives your home a “lived-in feel” to deter burglars.
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At BeLoved Pet Sitting we believe pets deserve the best care in every way, every day. While you’re away make sure they still get to play. We believe all cats and dogs deserve to stick to their usual routine while you’re gone, so we provide a wide range of services to best fit their needs.

We also believe pets should be “free range” and not cooped up in crates, boarding kennels or the tiny rooms at dog hotels. In your home care is the best pet sitting option as pets remain free of environmental stress triggers. Let them sniff their usual smells, keep on their potty schedule and remain on their own food all while sitting comfortably at home. Pets, just like children, appreciate structure and routine and a mentally healthy dog or cat is a happy pet! Our goal is for you to have peace of mind while you’re gone, we have got you covered, so relax (because your pet already has!)


BeLoved Pet Sitting LLC is a professional pet care company. Our clients know that they are trusting their fur babies and their homes to a well-established, experienced, licensed, insured and bonded business. We are open 365 days a year from 7am-9pm. We are members of The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


If you came to us in search of a reliable pet sitter, you have come to the right place. We match every family to the best sitter available in their area. Our sitters are licensed, bonded and insured. They come with glowing reviews and we frequently ask past clients about their satisfaction with each individual sitter monthly. We have backup sitters on standby guaranteed so nothing on our end will ever inhibit you taking that well-deserved vacation!

Reasonable and Competitive Rates

We understand that owning and taking care of a pet is a large investment, so we make our pet sitting and dog walking services affordable and competitive in San Diego. We offer an assortment of services at many different price points to accommodate all pet care budgets.

Customized Services

BeLoved Pet Sitting realizes that no two dogs or cats or homes are exactly alike, so we offer a wide variety of services to precisely fit your needs. You will tailor your own pet care plan right in your Pet Portal, you tell us the usual routine your pets follow! We offer an e-mailed quote for all charges before our Meet and Greet Consultation. Contact us today at 619-781-7676.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Are you licensed, bonded and insured?” open=”no”]

Yes, we are a bonded and insured and licensed with the City of Chula Vista. Our employees carry workers compensation.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Are you open 365 days a year? ” open=”no”]

We are open 365 days a year with full holiday availability!

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Do I get to meet my sitter before I leave?” open=”no”]

Of course! The first consultation to meet you and your pet before you leave is always free. BeLoved Pet Sitting always sends two pet sitters to meet you that way we always have a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances and so that our staff members can have a day off.

The first Consultation is complimentary and is 30 minutes or less. If a second consultation is requested for any reason after the initial, we would be happy to come by and there will $13 visit charge.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”How do I give my pet sitter a key?” open=”no”]

In order to provide our clients and their pets with the most reliable service, we require that each client utilize a key storage lock box to hold a minimum of two sets of keys, to their residence. Two are necessary in order to ensure that a backup key is always available in case one breaks or becomes lost. The storage box must have a combination code access and we recommend one with at least four digits.
The use of a secure lock box provides you with the peace of mind that your key will always be at your home and secure.

The benefits of using a secure key storage lock box include:

  • Keys remain safely stored at your premises and if you move you can take the lock box with you
  • Our pet care personnel will have immediate access to your home in an emergency
  • Any pet sitter can be available to you short notice
  • Keys will no longer have to be frequently transported
  • You won’t have to pay us for key pickup/drop
  • One secure location for keys helps to eliminate the risk of theft or loss

An ideal key storage lock box should:

  • Hang easily from any fence, railing, doorknob, or pipe
  • Have a large enough capacity to hold a minimum of 2 sets of keys
  • Be reinforced to withstand the weather, saws, and hammers
  • Have an adjustable 4-digit changeable code
Why do I need 2 tested keys?
We require that you place two tested keys in your lock box to prevent lockouts. If a key does not work or your sitter locks themselves out they need immediate access to your home to care for your pets. If they are locked out because only one key was placed in the lock box and something happened to it, they will contact a locksmith and you will be charged the lockout fee.
Where will we place the lock box?
Lock boxes should be placed in a secure location, out of the elements, and easily accessible by your sitter.
What if I want you to use my garage door/keyless entry door?
Our sitters must have immediate access to a working key either from a lock box, or your emergency contact in case of a power outage, dead batteries, or a malfunction in these devices. If your sitter is locked out for more than 30 minutes and can’t get ahold of your emergency contact they will contact a Locksmith and you will be charged the lockout fee from the Locksmith which generally totals more than $150.
What if I don’t want to buy a lock box?
A lockbox is required to use our services as we will not hold keys. We will only make exceptions for keyless entry doors and garage door pin pads.
What if my doorknob will not hold a lock box?
You can purchase a door hanger listed on the New Client Registration page for $7 that will allow you to hang your lock box from your door frame. Please hang from the top of your door so your sitter can reach the lock box.
Can I just leave a key under my doormat or in another hidden location?
This poses a security risk to your pets and home as well as a safety risk to our pet sitters if an unauthorized intruder was to find the key and enter your home. It is also a liability for us if the key were to go missing.
How will my sitter access the lock box?
After you set your lock box combinations you will need to update them along with the location of the lock box in your pet profile. At each visit, your sitter will have access to view the information and gain access to your lock box.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Why should I use a pet sitter rather than board my pet(s)?” open=”no”]

We feel that your pet’s usual routine shouldn’t have to be disturbed just because you’re gone. By boarding your pet(s), you risk their comfort, health and psychological well-being. Boarding facilities risk your pet’s physical safety and also cause unnecessary anxiety. Kennels are known to foster the transmission of infectious diseases like kennel cough and insects like fleas and worms. They also can’t promise the safety of your pet when it mingles with other strange dogs in the facility. Our in home pet sitting also saves you the hassle of a car ride to a kennel which would just be another chore on your list of things to do before leaving. We don’t stipulate mandatory drop off and pick up times, like a boarding center because everything is done in your home! We want to make your life easy. Having a professional pet sitter come to your home is the next best thing to having you there! You also have the added benefit of a lived in home, which may be a crime deterrent.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Is there a mandatory minimum for the amount of pet sits a day?” open=”no”]

Yes, the minimums we have while clients are away on vacation are as follows: Dogs must be visited once every 12 hrs and cats must be visited at least once every 24 hours if you are away on vacation. Caged pets must be seen once every 24 hours. We have had dogs get sick and cats lock themselves in rooms with no food or water and for these reasons we stipulate mandatory visits. We definitely recommend more visits than that for your pet’s safety and well being, these are just our minimums. Other than that, you may schedule as many services as you desire via the portal.
[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What are the advantages of having my pet remain at home for care?” open=”no”]

[fusion_checklist icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#000000″ circle=”no” circlecolor=”#ffffff” size=”13px” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]In your home, your pet remains in his or her secure environment, where all the sights, smells and sounds are familiar. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]In your home, your pet follows his or her customary diet and exercise routine. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Your pet is not traumatized by travel in a vehicle to a boarding kennel and you are saved the burden of fur in your car. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]In your home, your pet is not exposed to other animals, diseases, fleas, ticks and other parasites. Most pet care facilities do their best to keep things at bay, however, it only takes one infected pet to spread it from pet to pet in close quarters. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]In your home, no other animals will be looking to pick a fight with yours, which frequently happens at pet care facilities. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]In your home, pets are less likely to suffer from anxiety disorders which lead to diarrhea, anxiety, nervous chewing, accidents in the house and other behavioral problems. [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]When pets are left in boarding facilities they are allowed to go to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere they want. Sometimes puppies go home thinking this is okay to do at home as well and then you have to re-potty train again, as if it wasn’t hard enough the first time! [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=””]Pet Kennels are often closed on Sundays and holidays and have only very certain pickup windows forcing your pet to stay unnecessarily longer when you could have reunited sooner with them. With in home pet sitting, this situation never occurs. We only come when you need us.[/fusion_li_item]

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I meet my sitter?” open=”no”]

Absolutely! When you call, we will schedule a free consultation with a sitter. They will meet you and your pet(s) and become familiar with your home while discussing all pertinent information regarding their care. We know that you and your pet(s) like to see the same familiar face every service period, so you will in most cases, have the same sitter. Sometimes we send two sitters to your initial consultation just so you always know a qualified backup sitter is available. We strive for consistency, which is another element that sets us apart from other pet care providers.
[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Can I have someone share pet sitting duties with my friends or family?” open=”no”]

No. We do not allow anyone else to have access to your home for any reason. We will not share pet sitting responsibilities with friends, neighbors or extended family members. Our policy also stipulates that no home contractors (maids or handymen) have access to your home while you are gone. We are very strict about this policy.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What type of animals do you pet sit?” open=”no”]

We care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, chickens, turtles and frogs.
[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Can you give my pet medication?” open=”no”]

All of our sitters are able to give pills, liquids, and topical medications to pets. Many of our sitters are also able to give needle administered medications like insulin.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured?” open=”no”]

We are committed to the excellent care of your pet(s). Should your pet become sick or injured, we will follow the procedures listed below:

If your sitter encounters a pet or home emergency: Your sitter will immediately try to contact you, to see what course of action you would like to take.

Your sitter will contact a supervisor who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If we are unable to contact you, we will try to reach your emergency contact person on file.

If we are unable to reach anyone, we will decide on the appropriate action to be taken to protect and care for your pet and home.

If it is deemed a health emergency for your pet, we will contact your vet or an emergency clinic and transport your pet if needed.

Your sitter will immediately try to contact you, to see what course of action you would like to take.[fusion_text]


[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What happens if our pet sitter has an emergency?” open=”no”]

In order to accommodate unforeseen events, we always send two sitters to meet you. We guarantee that another one of our professional pet sitters will complete your service with all the instructions you left us in the portal.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Does my sitter accept tips?” open=”no”]

Yes. Tips are not required, but are always appreciated! Please leave tips in cash for your pet sitters. Susan’s favorite tip is in the form of chocolate from whichever country you explored.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Can I contact my sitter directly?” open=”no”]

Of course! Communication is key. You and your sitter may talk via phone, email or within our app. We do not allow our pet sitters to text message you.  All reservations including changes and cancellations must be made directly with the office at (619) 781-7676. In some instances you may make cancellations within the portal yourself, but that must be done 24 hrs before the first service on your invoice.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” What is your cancellation policy?” open=”no”]

If you cancel your scheduled walk by 5pm the night prior to your dog walk, your paid balance will rollover as a credit for your next scheduled walk. If it has not been paid for, it will be canceled free. Any confirmed dog walk reservation overlapping a holiday that is canceled, is charged a cancellation fee of $10.
If you cancel after 5pm the night prior to your scheduled walk, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. If there was a paid balance, the remaining amount minus the $10 cancellation fee will rollover to the next walk. This rollover option is not applicable to Vacation Pet Sitting Visits and is only available to our regular weekly dog walking clients who schedule the service called “Dog Walks” between 10am-3pm.
Cancellations may be made via phone call/text message to the office at 619-781-7676, email, or online in your portal account. If you only send cancellation messages to your pet sitter the office will not know, and you will be charged, so please go through the appropriate means mentioned. Any visit canceled after the pet sitter has already arrived at your residence for the visit, is also charged at the full rate. There are no exceptions for unexpected owner sickness.
Holidays include: Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Columbus Day, Easter, Halloween, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, Cesar Chavez Day


Non-Holiday Cancellations:
● If your confirmed reservation total is UNDER $200 and you cancel within 72 hours of the first day of service, the cancellation fee is $25.
● If your confirmed reservation total is OVER $200 and you cancel within 72 hours of the first day of service, the cancellation fee is 50% of your confirmed reservation total.
● Any visit canceled after the pet sitter has already arrived at your residence for the visit, is also charged at the full rate.
● Any visits canceled after the first day of service are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of their total cost, the other 50% will be refunded to you or credited to your account, your choice.


Holiday Cancellations:
● Any confirmed reservation overlapping a holiday listed below that is canceled before the first day of service, is charged a cancellation fee totaling 50% of the confirmed reservation total.
● Any visit canceled after the pet sitter has already arrived at your residence for the visit, is also charged at the full rate.
● Any visits canceled after the first day of service are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of their total cost, the other 50% will be refunded to you or credited to your account, your choice.

Holidays include: Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Columbus Day, Easter, Halloween, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, Cesar Chavez Day

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Are there any extra charges for holiday care?” open=”no”]

Yes, there is an extra $10 per visit, holiday fee.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=” Do you have a referral program?” open=”no”]

Yes! Our best advertising is a happy client! Refer our service to a friend, family member, or co-worker, and we will give you $30 towards your next service with us. When they mention your name, a credit will be added to your account once they book their first service.