Pet Sitting Services

Looking for a local Dog Sitter, Cat Sitter or Dog Walker in San Diego? The loving Pet Sitters at BeLoved Pet Sitting offer dog sitting, cat sittingdog walkingexotic animal pet carepet taxi and wedding service pet care help. 

When you hire BeLoved Pet Sitting you’re not only hiring a pet sitter, you're hiring a licensed company with a team of professional employees that are trained, insured, background checked, and pet CPR  trained for the safety of your pets and home.

In-home pet sitting involves hiring someone to care for your pets in the comfort of your own home while you're away. This typically includes feeding, walking, playing, and providing companionship for your pets, along with other basic care tasks like administering medications or cleaning litter boxes. Here's why it's often preferred over boarding:

  1. Familiar Environment: Pets are creatures of habit, and being in their own home environment can reduce stress and anxiety that they might experience in a new or unfamiliar place like a boarding facility.

  2. Personalized Attention: In-home pet sitters usually care for only a few pets at a time, allowing them to provide more personalized attention to each animal compared to the potentially larger numbers at a boarding facility.

  3. Customized Care: You can customize the care routine for your pets according to their specific needs and preferences, which might not always be possible in a boarding situation where there are more standardized routines.

  4. Reduced Exposure to Illness: Boarding facilities can sometimes expose pets to illnesses from other animals due to close proximity. In-home pet sitting minimizes this risk by keeping your pets in their own environment.

  5. Home Security: Having someone visit your home regularly can also serve as a security measure, making it appear occupied and deterring potential burglars.

  6. Convenience: You don't have to transport your pets to and from a boarding facility, which can be stressful for both you and your pets, especially if they're not fond of car rides.

  7. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your pets are being cared for in their own home by a trusted individual can give you peace of mind while you're away.

Overall, in-home pet sitting offers a more personalized and stress-free option for both pets and their owners compared to traditional boarding facilities.

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting while you go on vacation. Visits include all your animals. We offer feedings, walks, backyard cleanup, cuddles and medication administration. 

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting for vacations. We offer feedings, medication administration, litter cleaning  & lots of love.

Caged animal pet sitting

We clean cages and tanks. Exotic animal visits are for chickens, lizards, birds, turtles, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Dog Walks

Choose the frequency and lengths of walks to fit your life. We offer dog walking packages at a discount.

Wedding Pet attendant

Do you want your dog in your wedding photos, or need them driven back and forth? We offer wedding pet attendant services.

Pet Taxi

We offer a wide range of services including pet taxing to the groomer, vet or boarding facility. Or to and from your wedding venue.


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Today we service more than 500 families every year in the San Diego area. Our mission is to provide the best care to all pets both emotionally and physically. We strive to relieve the stress caused by changes of routine in your pet's life by seamlessly integrating our services into your lifestyle.