Dog Walking

Dog Walkers In San Diego

Are you looking for a professional dog walker in San Diego? If so, we can help!

We provide trained and knowledgeable employees who make potty visits or walks around the block. Choose 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute private dog walks around San Diego. Meet you new dog walkers at a free Meet and Greet.

Dog Walking

potty breaks

Does your dog need frequent potty breaks due to age or disability? Do you need pee pads changed? We've got your tail covered.

peace of mind

Our walkers come within your desired time frame and send photos and potty notes after every visit.

Solo walks

Our mission is to give your dog undivided attention so we only offer solo dog walks around your neighborhood.

Dog Walking

Benefits For Dogs

Every visit includes walks, feedings, medication administration, potty cleanup and play time.  Walks are GPS tracked so you’re always kept in the loop! 

time to pet

Peace Of Mind For You

A report, like the one above, is sent to you after every visit detailing what we accomplished during our time with your pet.