Pets In Weddings

Wedding Pet Attendant

San Diego, CA

Are you looking to have a pet friendly wedding in San Diego, CA? Do you want your dog or cat in your wedding? We are the wedding day pet care company for you! We service San Diego cities south of La Jolla, CA. Occasionally, we can accomodate weddings farther North, for additional time and travel costs.

Many couples are joining the trend of incorporating their pet into their wedding. Thoughts of having Fido with you on the happiest day of your life are indeed enticing. But are you prepared?

You don’t want muddy paw prints of your once-spotless dress, or your cake half-eaten while no one looks, but it happens! There is no need to hassle your friends and family for pet care on your big day, hire a professional! We are proudly LGBTQ wedding friendly.

Wedding Pet Attendant Services

Our Dog Wedding Attendant Services Include

Meet & Greet

We meet with you and your dog at your venue before the event so you can show us exactly where to meet and what you would like done.

Walks /Potty Breaks

We will make sure your dog uses up all that extra energy before their participation and focus is required.

Photo Assistance

Your photographer will be busy making sure the humans in your photos look spectacular. We will be busy making sure your dog is as photogenic as you are.

Aisle Escorting

If you want your dog to be walked down the aisle during the ceremony and then handed off back to us, we can pop around the back and take over the care.

Feedings + H2O

We wont let your pup miss dinner just because you're a little preoccupied with the happiest day of your life. 

Ceremony Assistance

Let us know how we can assist with your dog's wedding role. Our team will provide you with 100% of the dog handling during your special day.  

Pet Taxi

We are able to chauffer your pet to/from the ceremony to your hotel, home or boarding facility.


We will put on that cute leash, bow tie or flowers you bought and keep them clean for photos. A good brushing is included.

Honey Moon Pet Sitting

Are you a San Diego, CA local going on a honeymoon after the ceremony? We can help with pet sitting in you home.

Wedding Pet Attendant Services

Our San Diego, CA Wedding Pet Attendant services are completely customizable to your needs. We can make the pick-up and drop-off before and after the ceremony, and our well-dressed staff can stand right behind the camera during your shots with your pet, ready to take over as needed.

Our San Diego Wedding Pet Attendant service is perfect for Proposals, Photos, Rehearsals, Weddings, Vow Renewals and Receptions.